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SEO Content
The Hard Way

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    Search Keyword
    in Google

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    Each Page

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    Study Competitor
    Page Structure

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    Look for Common Terms, Phrases and Key Points

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    Combine Disparate Data into a Content Brief

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    Spend hours reviewing resulting article

ContentWise is a cheat code:
speed up 🚀 your SEO process.

SEO Content Brief Creation

Discover your top competitors' content secrets

Build comprehensive outline

Reveal in-depth topics to cover in article

List all relevant and LSI keywords

Say "No more" to routine SEO content routine

All the secrets of your competitors at a glance, combined in nice & clean SEO Content Brief

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Automate Copywriters Task
Creation Process

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SEO Content Checker

Identify Plagiarism

Analyze Topic Relevance

Detect Keyword Stuffing

Increase user reading engagement

Fix Grammar Issues

Personalized Improvement Suggestions

How is your SEO content really performing? Find out with an instant detailed report!

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Stop Guessing.
Get Your SEO Grade.

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ContentWise is a SEO's
best friend


Save Time

Stop spending hours doing manual research. It's much easier with ContentWise.


Better Content

Get high rankings by crafting highly relevant content with the right keyword density, depth, and volume.


Scale Easily

Increase the amount of content you produce without having to hire more people.


SEO Content Analyzer (or seo content checker) is a type of content optimization software that helps marketers, business owners and content writers optimize their content for search engines.

This tool is also used by SEO professionals and webmasters to analyze the quality of the content. It can be used to identify duplicate content and find out how well optimized a page is. This tool also provides keyword suggestions, article ideas and other helpful information which can help in the optimization process.

Content Score Checker is a useful tool to help you optimize your content for SEO. It checks your content and assigns a score based on how well optimized your content is.

It also provides advice on how to improve the content by providing guidelines and tips to follow. This way, you can identify the areas that need improvement in order to score better in search engine results pages (SERPs).

SEO Content Brief is used as a guideline for the copywriter to follow when writing the content. It contains requirements for title and meta-description, content outline, and a list of keywords to use in the article.

Copywriters should always start with a content brief before they write any copy. It will help them understand what information needs to be included in the web page and how it should be formatted.

SEO-optimized content creation adds several additional steps to the content creation process.

  • The first one is keyword research. Before starting drafting any copy, you should dive deep into keywords stats and list all keywords you want to rank for.
  • The second step - is SEO Content Brief creation. You should not start with an article without knowing what you will write about. It’s always better to have a good plan, and to do so you need to check all competitor articles: their structure, LSI, and relevant keywords and craft an outline out of it.

Writing an article is much simpler when you have a plan. Follow it during the writing process and your article will be SEO optimized.

P.S. It might be a good idea to put your article through SEO Content Checker before going live. It will help you identify common issues and give tips on how to improve them.

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